Things to Avoid During Treatment

Avoid Dehydration – Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day –this hydrates your entire body, including your discs.

  1. When lifting, use your legs- avoid using you back muscles.
  2. Exercising 20 minutes 3-4 times per week helps keep your spine mobile.
  3. You should sleep on your back or your side and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Also avoid sleeping with your arms or hands under your head or neck. This will minimize strain to your neck.
  4. Always practice good posture- back and neck erect, shoulders back, stomach in.
  5. Make stretching a part of your daily routine.
  6. Sleep on a firm mattress with a pillow top or egg crate top. If you mattress isn’t firm, put a piece of plywood between your mattress and the box spring.
  7. Avoid sitting in soft chairs or deep couches. Also, during prolonged sitting, cross your knees at your ankles to rest your back.
  8. Wearing shoes with moderate heels is alright-just avoid changing from high to low heels.
  9. Do not sit on a large wallet – take it out of your pocket while you sit or use a money clip