Convenient CBD location: George St Chiropractic is conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney CBD next to the flagship retail Apple store and McDonalds.

Sydney CBD beside the apple

Personalised Care: Getting you better is our top priority. We promise to extend ourselves to provide the best results for you. Treatment is specific to each patient's needs and our methods are guided by the latest up-to-date evidence-based research. We use massage, dry needling and other soft tissue techniques as well as chiropractic manipulation and mobilisation. We have very effective alternatives to spinal manipulation for those who have contraindications or do not like being "clicked".

All ages: George St Chiropractic offers people of all ages quality chiropractic care.

Gentle and safe: Our practitioners use gentle and safe techniques, and offer tailored treatment and exercise programs to suit your needs.

Treatment philosophy: Restoring elasticity, movement and strength allows the body to recover quickly. We believe that the body doesn't have to have perfect posture or shape to function perfectly. The body should be like a tree, it can be asymmetrical and have an odd shape yet can withstand all the forces that nature can throw at it, if it has strength and elasticity. By having elasticity, movement and strength injured or degenerated tissues and joints can cope with the physical demands of everyday life, thus allowing recovery to occur quickly.