Work Related Injuries

Work related injury is defined as the result of an accident that gives rise to musculoskeletal injury. No matter what it is you do, whether you work in an office, in a factory or driving a truck there is always a chance that you could injure yourself. Work related injuries are very common and can be caused by repetitive physical trauma, lifting or moving light to heavy objects. Within one year more than 638 400 workers report they had incurred a work-related injury. Physical injuries can often result in acute or eventual chronic pains which have to be treated by a professional. Back and disc injuries are very common workplace injuries and require rehabilitation and chiropractic to restore mechanics and return you to work.

At George Street Chiropractic, the team provide a wide range of treatments which provide a long term relief for the patients needs. An injury of any kind can cause pain which reaches a point where it becomes hard to move or even function. The only way to ease that pain and put a stop to it is to seek treatment from professionals. Our team at George St Chiropractic performs treatments that include chiropractic work, massages, active release methods and other methods which do not include the use of medications. The experienced staff will seek to find the best route to the patients’ recovery through their experience.

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