Sports Injuries

Sport is a great part of Australian culture and from the professionals to the weekend warriors, sporting injuries are very common. Sports injuries can range from minor injuries such as low grade sprains, strains and some overuse injuries to more severe injuries such as ligament and tendon ruptures or dislocations. These injuries can be caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than what a particular tissue can structurally withstand. Regular physical activity reduces the likelihood of a person developing many chronic diseases but also increases the chances of developing a sports injury which may require professional treatment. Chiropractic treatment by a sports chiropractor can play an important role in the prevention, rehabilitation and management of sports injuries.

Preventative treatment aims to address biomechanical deficiencies in joint mobility and muscle balance which may predispose and increase the risk of injury. Restoring optimum joint and muscle mechanics through massage, manipulation, taping, stretching and exercises can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Rehabilitation involves treatment after an injury has occurred. To ensure a prompt and successful return to your sport of choice, it is important to identify and apply the most appropriate treatment for your injury based on you, your sport and current evidence as soon as possible. Rehabilitation aims to facilitate optimal healing of the injured tissue as well as restoring movement, strength and balance to the injured and surrounding areas. To achieve this aim we use a combination of the above techniques tailored specifically to your needs.

It is important that once you have returned to your sport, management of the pre-existing injury continues to avoid re-injury or related injuries to that area. Management and prevention are closely related and therefore treatment follows similar objectives.

Here at George St Chiropractic our team is highly experienced in the treatment of sports injuries.

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