Regional Coccyx Pain

Is it painful or uncomfortable when you sit on hard surfaces? Feel a pinpoint pain in the mid part of the buttocks region?

If yes, you may be suffering from Coccyx pain.

Coccyx pain (tailbone pain) also known as coccydynia can be quite frustrating to an individual and can significantly play a role in our day to day life, however, relief is possible. Coccyx pain can occur from local trauma such as falling on ones bottom, but many cases may have no causative event. In these cases it is believed that the soft connective tissues between the coccyx and sacrum have become contracted and tight and can no longer cope with the normal movements that the coccyx had to endure. This leads to stresses and strains that inflame the sacrococcygeal joint. Dysfunction of the sacrococcygeal joint will interfere with the pelvic floor muscles functional properly.

Regional Coccyx Pain Treatment

Here at George Street Chiropractic, we aim at settling the pain as soon as possible and restoring the normal movement and position of the coccyx. We use a lot of massage around the base of the spine and pelvis especially around where the sacrum and coccyx meet. The coccyx usually requires mobilising to correct its position and biomechanics. This is done externally in the large majority of cases. However, for those rare occasions when someone does not respond rapidly a secondary approach may be discussed and suggested. Pelvic floor exercises play an important role in recovering. Our practice sees a lot of coccydynia and has a very high success rate.