Chiropractic and Workplace Injuries

A recent study conducted by the University of Sydney found injuries to back, knees and shoulders as being the most common work associated injuries in Australia. Especially lower back pain, which is recorded as the main injury ranking even higher than cardiac disease and depression, causes problems to Australian employees (more information can be found here:…).

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released an information stating that more than 30% of all work associated injuries in 2015 were musculoskeletal disorders like sprains, strains and injuries resulting from repetitive motion (more information can be found here: These types of injuries usually happen when things do not go right, like an unfortunate accident or an awkward lift; however, harm can be caused by even less dramatic events. Real problems can occur, for instance, from repeating the same movement for days or years.

Whatever it is that causes the problem, the consequence coming along with these musculoskeletal injuries is pain in the back, neck and shoulders which often prevents employees from performing their tasks properly and enjoying life while being off the clock.

Chiropractors Can Treat Workplace Injuries Effectively

Many workplace injuries are preventable. Chiropractors strongly focus on musculoskeletal problems and therefore chiropractic treatment represents an ideal way to address musculoskeletal issues. Chiropractic treatment is designed to restore function and ease physical discomfort. This is done by treating both the present symptoms and the underlying cause. This way of addressing problems aims at alleviating the current pain and preventing future troubles that might otherwise occur from an injury not properly healed.

The treatment done by a chiropractor includes manipulations and adjustments performed to realign the bodily structure. In addition, information on effective methods for handling paining inflammation will be given. Also, chiropractors can recommend useful exercises that help rebuilding the body’s strength and flexibility, give advice on right posture, and offer other treatments that help people to improve their life quality.

Chiropractic treatment offers vital support for people suffering from workplace injuries. If you have experienced such an injury or you are interested in knowing more about chiropractic treatment and how you can benefit from it, please contact us. Or, if you are an employer interested in knowing how to integrate chiropractic care for the health of your employees, please make an appointment with us. Chiropractic care can help to increase productivity, decrease workplace injuries and create happier employees.